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SML Isuzu Ltd. (SMLI) is a trusted and reliable commercial vehicle manufacturer since 1985. It has over 33 Years of experience in producing Light & Medium commercial vehicles to meet the Indian customer needs. SMLI is a first company to manufacture and supply state of the art fully built Buses, Ambulances and customized vehicles. Sumitomo Corporation, Japan and Isuzu Motors, Japan respectively holds 44% and 15% shareholding in the Company.

SML ISUZU LIMITED was incorporated in July 1983 as Swaraj Vehicles Limited to manufacture Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) in the state of Punjab. It was the result of Government of India initiatives for installing the LCV unit in order to save the fuel consumption in the economy. Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation (PSIDC) obtained the letter of intent in 1981 and subsequently transferred the same in favour of the Company in 1983.


The project in its concept, aims at breaking new ground not only in terms of product and production technology, but also in building a new culture and value system in the organization, which enables it to move forward with confidence into the era of competitive markets. This guiding philosophy is dictating every facet of project implementation both in physical facilities and the human side.

The best way to address growth opportunities, harness and open up new markets was through leadership in product technology. The search for technology brought the company face to face with Peugeot and Renault of France, Volkswagen and Man of West Germany, Leyland of U.K., TAM of Yugoslavia and Isuju Duihatsu and Mazda of Japan, while evaluating the relevant technologies of these countries, the criteria that the Management had kept before itself was to select a vehicle powered by a four cylinder diesel engine, capable of providing maximum pay-load capacity best suited for local conditions and fuel efficient thus ensuring best value for money to the Indian consumer. It was this approach that led the company to Tokyo Kogyo Company Limited (known as Mazda Motor Corporation) the well know Japanese manufacturers of the internationally known as Mazda Automobiles and LCVs.

Subsequently, the Company was renamed as Swaraj Mazda Limited. In addition to providing technical knowhow, Mazda Motor Corporation and their associate trading house the well know Sumitomo Corporation have also agreed to participate financially in the equity of the project.

In the year 1986, the Company started the commercial operations.



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